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Royal Saudi Air Force to Put into Commission F.15-SA Fighters

 Royal Saudi Air Force announced that the fighter F.15-SA was put into commission, among other air combat fighters, as part of the Air Force plans to upgrade its fleet of fighter jets, ushering in a new era in the capabilities and readiness of Saudi Arabia’s air force, as quoted by Saudi Press Agency on the 23rd. January.

The new aircraft is to add qualitative superiority to the Saudi Air Force capacity, in the Middle East skies, ensure access to the latest capabilities to protect the integral territory, preserve security and maintain stability of the region’s, against any possible external threats.

Commander of the Royal Saudi Air Force Pilot Maj. Gen. Mohammed bin Saleh Al-Otaibi, emphasized that the Kingdom will continue to maintain its security and stability by owning the most advanced capabilities and possession of modern F.15-SA planes.

The F-15SA’s, newest variant of the combat-proven F-15, are one of the newest aircrafts models in the world and incorporate very advanced devices in warfare technology. The aircrafts will operate with digital technology and the plane can be loaded with both conventional and modern arsenals.

According to Boeing, the F-15SA provides improved performance and increased survivability at a lower life-cycle cost. The aircraft has two additional wing stations for increased payload and capability.

“We look forward to receiving the advanced capabilities of the F-15SA aircraft to continue to protect the security and stability of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” said Lt. Gen. Mohammed Bin Abdullah Al-Ayeesh, commander, Royal Saudi Air Force. “Our relationship with the U.S. Air Force and The Boeing Company has helped to ensure the Royal Saudi Air Force remains among the best-equipped air forces in the world.”

Flight testing began this year on the F-15SA. The Royal Saudi Air Force has operated F-15S fighters since the 1990s.

“The Kingdom and Boeing have been partners for 65 years and our partnership goes beyond the innovative products and services we provide,” said Dennis Muilenburg, Boeing Defense, Space & Security president and CEO. “Equally as important are the excellent collaborations between Boeing and Saudi educational and industrial organizations.”


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