How grand challenges can spark scientific innovation

November 26, 2021 0
Humans are inherently competitive. This characteristic has manifested itself throughout history in many forms of global tournaments and championships – from the Ancient Greek Olympic Games in 776 BC to modern scientific contests such as [...]
Air Force

Rafale Contract for Egypt Comes Into Force

November 15, 2021 0
The contract for the acquisition by Egypt of 30 additional Rafales to equip its air force came into force. Announced on 4 May, this contract completes the first acquisition of 24 Rafales, signed in 2015, [...]

Fincantieri delivers the first corvette for Qatar

October 31, 2021 0
At the presence of Senator Stefania Pucciarelli, Undersecretary of State for Defence, the delivery of the corvette “Al Zubarah”, the first of the class of the same name of four vessels ordered to Fincantieri by [...]

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