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Naval Group launches a subsidiary in Alexandria


Dec 5, 2018 #Alexandria, #Egypt, #Naval

Naval Group inaugurates its subsidiary in Egypt, Alexandria Naval for Maintenance and Industry. The new entity will be dedicated to the maintenance of the vessels designed by Naval Group. It strengthens Naval Group sustainable footprint in Egypt for current and future naval programs.

Naval Group’s long term partnership with the Egyptian Navy and the Egyptian industry has reached a new milestone with the opening of a subsidiary dedicated to the in service support of Naval Group’s vessels and future naval programs. This success was enabled thanks to the conclusive contractual discussions on the In Service Support (ISS) proposal.

The strategic alliance between Naval Group and Egypt participates actively to the international rise of the Egyptian Navy while contributing to its modernization process. The subsidiary will reinforce this effort by establishing a continuous local footprint.

This subsidiary will enable the Egyptian Navy to obtain an unequalled level of performance during the whole ship’s lifecycle. Alexandria Naval for Maintenance and Industry (ANMI) will guarantee the optimal use of the vessels as well as carrying out the upcoming upgrades on the four Gowind corvettes, the two LHD, the FREMM and other potential vessels.

The maintenance activity will complete the successful industrial cooperation program supporting the construction process of the three locally built Gowind corvettes. This operational subsidiary will be the privileged platform to support the ongoing dialogue with Egyptian actors within the frame of the multiannual naval contracts. The new entity is expected to generate direct and indirect jobs in the related industrial sectors in Egypt.

“Naval Group is strongly committed to maintain the performance of the Egyptian Navy’s vessels over the long run. The multiannual maintenance contract constitutes a major milestone and will grant an additional industrial capacity for ANMI.’ declared Nathalie Smirnov, Naval Group’s Executive Vice President in charge of Services.

The creation of the subsidiary constitutes an additional constructive step in Naval Group’s long-term partnership with Egypt. In July 2014, the Ministry of Defense of the Arab Republic of Egypt signed a construction of four Gowind corvettes. The first of class was built in Lorient and delivered to Egypt on September 2017. The second of the series is currently built through technology transfer in Alexandria Shipyard and was launched in September 2018. Naval Group delivered the Fremm multi mission frigate Tahya Misr in August 2015. In June 2016, Naval Group delivered two Mistral-class Landing Helicopter Dock vessels to the Egyptian Navy.

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