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Thales to power its next generation of simulators using Unreal Engine 5

ByAgnes helou

Nov 30, 2022
Unreal Engine 5

Thales today announced it is entering into a long-term agreement with Epic Games, creator of Unreal Engine, the world’s most open and advanced 3D creation tool.
In the simulation and training market, a major trend is the increasing crossover of immersive
gaming technologies to the professional environment, including progress in graphics and
reduction in the development time and cost of hardware. To continue improve and produce the
best training outcomes, Thales announces its collaboration with Epic Games.

Thales continues to advance based on its recent acquisition of RUAG Simulation & Training to
offer a wide range of live, virtual and constructive products for its growing worldwide business.
As part of that activity, Thales will work to progressively incorporate Unreal Engine, with the goal
of advancing the professional simulation features into its extensive product range.

Unreal Engine 5, the latest version of Epic’s cutting edge real-time technology, offers significant
new potential for the simulation industry and has proven to be successful for simulation and
training applications, as it offers the ability to quickly incorporate real-world scenarios into
actionable training environments in days. Unreal Engine 5 is bringing an unprecedented level
of innovation by enabling users to reconcile data accuracy, photorealism and real-time

Peter Hitchcock, Vice President of the Training and Simulation business at Thales said,
“We are very pleased to be working in collaboration with the Unreal Engine team at Epic Games.
Their focus on providing advanced tools and technologies that have been adopted in industries
beyond games matches our ambitions for taking professional simulation to the next level. Rapid
insertion of Unreal Engine into our product lines gives us opportunities to delight our customers,
particularly in the land training market where high-quality, densely populated synthetic
environments help produce the best training outcomes.”
Sebastien Loze, Unreal Engine Business Director for Simulation at Epic Games said,
“Thales has a long and successful history for bringing professionals together with technology to
help prepare for the complex challenges of the Training and Simulation industry. Combining
Thales’ experience with Unreal Engine 5’s ground breaking new toolsets for generating massive, highly realistic, highly accurate, open worlds will allow industry stakeholders to train in a way that’s
never been possible before.”

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