NATO selects Thales to supply M21 secure modems and the new NetIP traffic optimisation solution

Thales was awarded a NATO contract in March 2016 to supply 13 secure modems and the new NetIP solution for optimising network traffic. The M21 modems will be installed at NATO’s four new tactical satcom stations in April 2017.

Thales’s Modem 21 product is already in service with several NATO member countries and incorporates the STANAG 4606 compliant secure waveform. It provides outstanding levels of security, protecting satellite communications from jamming, interference and intrusion.

The new NetIP end-to-end network traffic optimisation solution manages critical data flows on military and civil IP networks with guaranteed quality of service (QoS) levels. It is currently used in French tactical satcom networks on the ASTRIDE and SYRACUSE III programmes and will be tested by NATO starting in 2017.

Combined with Modem 21, the NetIP solution expands the number of potential users without needing to increase satellite resources while managing priority traffic to ensure network availability for critical data flows. Thales is the only contractor with the expertise to provide this capability. This NATO contract is a further illustration of the company’s ability to deliver high-performance satcom systems offering end-to-end security and priority management to guarantee service availability even in the most critical situations.

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