The armed service of twenty-eight countries around the world rely on electronic and cyber warfare

technologies supplied by Elettronica – a European leader in these systems for more than six decades

– to help them defend their national boundaries and strategic interests. The Group furnishes

sophisticated strategic surveillance capabilities as well as self-defense and electronic attack systems

for naval, airborne and ground use. EW solutions range from individual stand-alone units to

complete integrated systems combining both sophisticated in-house technologies and open modular


Elettronica works with its Customers to guarantee their self-sufficiency and autonomy and has a

strong record of successful international collaboration with platform manufacturers as well as with

electronic systems providers and integrators in complex and challenging programs such as

Eurofighter Typhoon, Horizon and FREMM frigates, NH90 Helo, AW101 Helo, AMX and Mirage

2000 fighters. The Group has recently been chosen to supply important defensive systems to Qatar

Armed Forces, including protective technologies for primary naval units. We are as well the codesign

authority for the DASS self-protection systems mounted by the Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft

recently delivered to the Qatar Air Force.

Recent advances in the defensive capability of Elettronica’s EW systems include important progress

in the effectiveness of the Group’s advanced techniques for countering the next generation of IR

threats. Elettronica has proven, at NATO level, the advantages of combining the use of

conventional flares and its DIRCM system, the ELT/572, to maximize the break lock of imaging

seekers while the single systems alone are ineffective. We were able to coordinate these

countermeasures through a specialized EO/EW manager directly implemented in the ELT/572.

The Group’s cyber warfare unit, CY4Gate, addresses the rapidly converging fields of Electronic

Warfare (EW) and Cyber Intelligence. It provides Intelligence, Law Enforcement and EW

commanders at various level a complete range of solutions capable of providing superior,

comprehensive, fast and structured analysis of non-uniform data streams from ELINT, to

Tactical/Strategic COMINT and Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), Semantic Intelligence, Virtual

Humint, Meta Data Analysis, Data Mining, Data Fusion, integrated within both cyber defensive and

offensive applications.

Elettronica technologies are increasingly finding application in the homeland security field as well,

where the Group’s ADRIAN (Anti-Drone Interception Acquisition and Neutralization) system have

shown itself to be an effective defense against the increasing threat posed by civilian “quadricopter”

drones. The system, specifically designed to manage mini and micro drone threats, is

intended primarily to counter the growing security risks posed by lightweight civilian “quadricopter”

drones at public events and in civil airspace. It is based on multispectral sensors (Radar,

EO/IR, acoustic and radio link interceptor), data fusion for the detection and identification functions

and on a reactive and adaptive jammer to interrupt the remote control link of the platform, and the

navigation aids signals used to follow the programmed route through proper waypoints.

To illustrate Group’s range of activities and capabilities, our Stand (Hall 4, 106A) displays a range

of mock-ups demonstrating the advantages of implementing the advanced technologies developed

and applied by Elettronica.

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