Defense News, SEGMA ME and SD Arabia announce new media partnership for Middle East markets

Defense News, SEGMA ME and Security & Defense Arabia (SD Arabia) have reached an understanding to partner and collaborate on media products and events targeted to the Middle East and globally.

Central to this partnership will be production of an Arabic language version of Defense News, partnership on regional and U.S. events, and representation for SD Arabia by Defense News in western countries.

In partnership, Defense News will bring its content quality and expertise and its promotional reach to the events and media offerings of Security & Defense Arabia and SEGMA ME. In turn, SD Arabia and SEGMA ME will provide Defense News with news coverage and representation in region, jointly developing new products and events with a clear qualitative focus on the specific needs and interests of Middle Eastern VIPs and defense professionals.

SD Arabia editors will have access to Defense News articles to translate into Arabic on a special Defense News branded section on both the web site and its companion print publication, SD Arabia. SD Arabia will also collaborate with Defense News in publishing an Arabic language newsletter containing articles and analysis produced by Defense News.

As part of the regional partnership, SD Arabia editors and reporters will also provide original breaking news reports for Defense News from the Middle East region, acting as the Arabic bureau for Defense News and reporting directly to Defense News editorial leadership in that capacity. Both organizations place value in the highest quality, impartial journalism for which Defense News is renown.

Defense News business staff will handle all the sales and sponsorship representation and promotion for SD Arabia outside the Middle East, and add its scale, expertise and value to the event offerings of SEGMA ME.

“This is the perfect match between a strong regional media brand and the leading Western and international defense media powerhouse, to come together to complement each other, ” said Riad Kahwaji, SD Arabia and SEGMA ME founder and principal. “SD Arabia will translate Defense News articles in a professional Arabic journalistic style to give access to tens of thousands of its Arab readers to invaluable news reporting from the global Defense News brand. While at the same time SD Arabia reporters will provide news reports and insights from the Arab world for Defense News readers. Furthermore, our collaboration on events provides the greatest scale and quality, bringing the best focus of what both organizations provide to the benefit of Arab defense professionals.”

David Smith, president of Sightline Media, the parent company of Defense News said “We see this as a strategic partnership that underlines our commitment to and focus upon the vitally important Middle East region. It is not enough simply to provide news coverage of the region, but to engage with the region. We feel that the strong relationship and partnership with Riad Kahwaji, SD Arabia and SEGMA ME will provide unparalleled value for the Middle East defense audience and for our western clientele to reach them. It’s a powerful opportunity to enable that dialogue. We see both organizations as bringing unique and highly complementary qualities to the partnership, creating value for all.”

It is worth noting that Kahwaji established the Middle East Bureau for Defense News back in 2002 and ran it until 2008. Kahwaji and Defense News, in an earlier partnership guided by Smith, collaborated on the early launch of the Dubai Air Chiefs Conference and other successful projects. In subsequent management transitions at Sightline Media that connection was lost, but soon after taking the helm at Sightline, Smith renewed the relationship as a priority.

“Fifteen years ago we established very successful high-caliber defense events in the region. We have many ideas for events that are in line with the new trends in defense and security field in the region, to meet the needs and objectives of both the industry and the end-users, especially GCC militaries,” Kahwaji said. “We are delighted to renew our powerful alliance with Defense News, and to working closely again as trusted and dedicated partners to bring content of great value and quality to the region.”

Based in Beirut, Lebanon with headquarters offices in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, SD Arabia is the first ever Arabic news website dedicated to military affairs. It was established in 2009 and today has tens of thousands of readers in the Arab world and is the number one Arabic defense website in the region. SD Arabia also produces a quarterly print publication as a companion to its core digital offerings. Working from the offices in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, SEGMA ME is a premier producer of specialized conferences within the Gulf region.

Founded in 1985, Defense News is the premier global news network covering the business, politics, strategy and technology of defense. It delivers industry-leading content to an audience of hundreds of thousands of viewers and readers each month in digital, mobile, video and event formats. Defense News is the definitive news source for senior defense professionals, military leadership and VIPs around the world.

Defense News is part of Sightline Media, the world’s largest independent news organization dedicated to military, defense and government markets. Collectively it reaches millions of military and government professionals each month, with a diversity of leading media brands such as Defense News, Military Times, C4ISRNET, Federal Times and, a new and highly successful news brand serving cyber defense.

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